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Posted by in on Jun 23, 2017 .

Smart uses for magnets at home


1.       Key holder

Using our strong rare earth magnets you can be creative as you want. One customer of ours used their creative side to design unique key holders, using neodymium magnets embedded into the underside of a shelf to act as the perfect key holder. Simple but amazing


2.       Removing batteries

Remove batteries can be very difficult and painful procedure. However using magnets to remove batteries will save you the hassle and broken nails. This works for numerous products such as; remote controls, toys, clocks etc.


3.       Cable holders

One of the most...

Posted by in on May 10, 2017 .

Magnetic Vehicle Signage


Magnetic vehicle grade material is perfect for vehicle signage. It comes in a white faced Matt or Gloss vinyl, which allows you to print your own designs for promotional displays. We also sell a plain vehicle grade material that you can put your own vinyl onto it.
                Magnetic vehicle grade can be printed on using UV, solvent, eco solvent printers and traditional screen printing.

One of our recent client's, Signs Express Newcastle, has sent in some pictures to show how easy and simple it was to use our vehicle grade material.
                Adam Greaves from Signs Express Newcastle...

Posted by in on Apr 20, 2017 .

A-Z of Magnetics


A.     Magnetic ANISOTROPY is the directional dependence of a material's magnetic properties. The magnetic moment of magnetically anisotropic materials will tend to align with an "easy axis", which is an energetically favourable direction of spontaneous magnetization.


B.     Magnetic BEARING is a bearing that supports a load using magnetic levitation. Magnetic bearings support the load without physical contact.


C.     Magnetic CURRENTS produce an electric field analogously to the production of a magnetic field. There are electrical fields around magnetic currents, and these currents are able to...

Posted by in on Apr 10, 2017 .

How to Use Magnetic Inkjet Paper


Magnetic Inkjet paper, one of our most recent products that comes on A4 sheets which is white faced and comes in either Matt or Gloss of your choosing. Having multiple applications our inkjet paper can be used for home decoration (photos, magnetic picture boards etc…) arts and crafts purposes, creating small promotional displays for stores, fridge magnets etc…

With one side of the material being white faced with a Gloss or Matt finish the other of course is plain magnetic. The product can be cut to size if needed by simple tools such as scissors, Stanley knife/ rotary cutter or for more...

Posted by in on Mar 20, 2017 .

1.       Advertising/ display boards, Art galleries, Menu boards Etc. 

-    Magnetic material couldn’t make advertising/ display boards any easier. By creating a stand, wall or board using Ferro material (one side adhesive the other receptive to magnets) you can use our magnetic sheets to place on top. This allows the user to peel off the magnetic sheeting once done with advertising that specific product; the magnetic sheets leave no residue or marks behind ready for the next sheet to go on top to replace it.

2.       Vehicle grade signs

-    Our magnetic Printable vinyl which comes in matt, gloss and plain of different...

Posted by in on Nov 03, 2016 .

Posted by in on Nov 02, 2016 .

Muse tour director, Glen Rowe is having sleepless nights after lead singer from Matt Bellamy demands to push the show to new heights by perform music whilst flying!  Nothing really new in that or is there???

He wishes to use a stage made of extremely strong magnets which when come close to pyrolytic graphite creates a magnetic field that causes the materials to repel against each other.  Sounds complicated but essentially you all remember from your school days that 'opposites attract and like poles repell'.  So its not beyond the relms of possibility, in theory!!!!

No one has tried this before and Glen has actually admitted it might...

Posted by in on Apr 21, 2016 .

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