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Educational magnets

Educational magnets

A series of magnetic educational aids to help children understand how to tell the time, all about today, multiplication and 'I can do it'!

These boards are great quality and just gets your children thinking along the right lines ....... effort and good behavior = potential reward (but that's up to you to set the bar!-)





Get them understanding about 'Today' which is the days of the week, months and seasons plus whats the weather like today?  A great introduction to time ...

How to tell the time - is a simple interatcive method to learn about the clock hands and what they mean.

'I can do it' - is a great reward system for getting the children to do some of the jobs you wish they would!

multiplication - I don't know about you (or the ever changing teaching methods in schools) but learning the times tables was one of the most useful things you probably learnt at school.  You inadvertently use them nearly every day - so get them whislt their brains are like sponges and help them fill those memory banks!  They probably won't thank you yet ...... 

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