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Ferro / Steel Sheet

Ferro / Steel Sheet

These ferrous display materials are non magnetic but are attracted to magnets and magnetic materials.

Commonly used for creating magnetic boards and increasingly used to make magnetic walls in homes and offices.  If you are a little confused which one is rights for you - give us a quick call on 01283 531000 and we can advise you, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Create a magnetic board with either plain or adhesive backed magnetic material then print your image directly onto one of the materials detailed below.

It’s faster, lighter & cheaper as store staff can change them themselves. No need for specialists.

Ferro sheet is available in rolls or we supply in sheets cut to your requirements. Available in dry wipe, plain, white digitally printable and adhesive backed versions.

Call us for advice on 01283 531000

Prices seen below is per metre when buying 30 metres or more - VAT is included in price

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White gloss ferro material with a 1mm foam adhesive back. It is also a drywipe perfect for tran..
Ex Tax: £20.80
Ferro - White Vinyl 1020mm wide 0.4mm total thickness matt finish   Sold on 20 metre rol..
Ex Tax: £115.00
This is Ferro material and not magnetic. Therefore it does not have any magnetic properties and..
Ex Tax: £5.00
10 pieces - magnetic skittles sometimes called push-pins - perfect for magnetic notice boards, plann..
Ex Tax: £5.00
PET HD Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white PET one side for great q..
Ex Tax: £6.30
PP HD Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white PP one side for grea..
Ex Tax: £4.50
HD Ferro PET material (magnetic receptive material) is white PET one side and black f..
Ex Tax: £8.40
HD Ferro PP material (magnetic receptive material) is white PP one side and blac..
Ex Tax: £7.20
White Dry Wipe Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white gloss one side with a..
Ex Tax: £17.95
White Gloss Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white one side and brown the o..
Ex Tax: £10.95
White Gloss Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white one side and brown the o..
Ex Tax: £7.95
White Gloss Ferro material with an adhesive back (magnetic receptive material) white one side with a..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Plain ferro sheet (magnet receptive material) with a release paper covered pressure sensitive acryli..
Ex Tax: £8.95
Adhesive Backed Ferro 620mm wide 0.5mm thick - 15 metre roll Plain Ferro sheet with a release pap..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Plain Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is brown on both sides, one side has a UV co..
Ex Tax: £3.95
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