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Dry Wipe Ferro Sheet

A white dry wipe, sometimes called WOWO (write on wipe off) surface on a ferro sheet that has the properties of steel i.e. its attracts magnets but has no magnetic properties itself.  Its become common practice to use the term a magnetic board or wall where in fact yopu actually want tyhe board or wall to be attractive to magnets rather than be magnetic!  

This material is ideally used to make a magnet receptive surface that can be written on and cleaned off.  Often used to make 'magnetic' notice boards or create a 'magnetic' wall.  It can come upto 1260mmm wide and with an adhesive on the back or not!


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White Dry Wipe Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is white gloss one side with a..
Dry Wipe Ferro material (magnetic receptive material) is brown on the other side, has a UV coat..
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