Overseas Shipping Form

If you require shipping outside the UK rather than put in a punitive 'catch all shipping rate' (because some products are heavy and the rate worldwide varies greatly) we ask you to ring us or contact us by email - tell us what products you want and your full address and we will find out some shipping options and costs for you.  

Then, if you want to go ahead - you can call us (during UK office hours) and pay over the phone - or probably better, we send out a PayPal request for payment to include shipping and the products you have selected.  Once paid we ship the goods.  Sorry if it seems the long way around but it does provide you with the best value and we don't overcharge for shipping - you'll only pay what it costs to get it to you.  
I hope this makes sense?  We only want to charge you what it costs to get our products too you - nothing more!