Magnetic Knife Rack Sharpener (patented).

What a great idea!!  A knife sharpener that that doesn't get buried at the back of the drawer never to be seen again - this one lives on your knife rack right next to your knives! It'll fit on any railed knife rack (it doesn't have to be a Bisbell one) where the steel rails project from the rack.

Once its in place on your railed knife rack you simply draw your knife through the sharpeners ceramic wheels a couple of times to create a razor sharp edge.  If you do it every time you'll always have your knife as sharp as it should be - sounds strange but its safer cutting with a razor sharp edge than a blunt one because less effort is required and you have better control of the knife.


At last a sharpener that's always where you need it, right next to the knives!  And it's a patented idea so you shouldn't find it anywhere else!  It uses ceramic wheels so is kinder to the blades than many cheaper sharpeners and comes apart for occasional cleaning.  How have you survived so long without one? 

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Magnetic Knife Rack Sharpener

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