Magnetic Knife Rack Hooks (available as double or single hooks).

Sooo simple... Metal hooks with a patented lip that hooks over the top rail to allow these hooks to punch way above their weight!  These specially designed hooks should work on any railed knife rack - it doesn't actually need to be a Bisbell one although why would you have one from somewhere else when you can have a Bisbell one made in England is beyond us!? But hey each to his own I guess!  Seriosuly though these hooks add utility to your magnetic knife rack and save you space in your already overcrowded drawers ...... so now you can have your favourite spoon or utensil to hand too.  

Bet you wish you'd bought a longer knife rack now! Doh!

Anyway if your proud of your kitchen space and you want the best it should be Bisbell - 'Made in England'.  You can rely on us to come out with innovating new products....


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Double Hooks (black)

  • Brand: Bisbell
  • Product Code: Bisbell-knife-rack-hooks-double
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  • £3.80

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Tags: magnetic hook accessory, Double Hook, black hook, magnetic hook, knife rack accessory